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Only the quality of the soul matters. I see yours, and it’s perfect.

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A native of Cuba, Victoria grew up in the nucleus of the prestigious Alonso family, founders of the National Cuban Ballet. She acquired a love for books from her mother, and an insatiable curiosity to see and explore the world from her father. As a result, she has lived in several countries and has circled the globe at least twice. From her journeys, she has gathered an eclectic collection of stories and anecdotes to feed and inspire her muse. She writes generational sagas and romances with complex emotional content. The human condition is her favorite theme, the whims of a capricious Fate her preferred conflict, and a happy ending despite life’s struggles is the ultimate goal of her stories.

She is the author of Destiny’s Plan and Destiny’s Choice, books one and two of the Destiny’s Series, and a contributor to The Ultimate Guide to Dorothy Dunnett’s THE GAME OF KINGS, by Laura Caine Ramsey. She is a full-time moderator at Outlander Book Club, a member of the Romance Writers of America, Women’s Fiction Writers Association and the Florida Writers Association. She’s an avid fan of Dorothy Dunnett’s works, in her rare off times you will find her rereading any of The Lymond Chronicles or House of Niccolò books. Central Florida is home, but if she could convince her husband, she would pack her computer and move to Scotland, a land she adores.

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Happiness, that most childish of states, is infectious. Furthermore, in its innocence, it will not be hidden, even when tempered with sorrow. ~ Dorothy Dunnett


"The simplest things are the most beautiful: the less artifice, the brighter the beauty. Here it was, displayed in the most limpid gold eyes he’d ever seen. Eternity and the mysteries of life were revealed through them."

A quote from Destiny's Plan

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