Victoria Saccenti

Award-Winning and Bestselling Author of Contemporary Romance, PNR, and Fantasy.

Short Stories

The Promise

Barely thirteen years old, Sarita Bermudo’s carefree childhood life is over. A violent revolutionary government and her parents’ nasty divorce thrust her into adulthood. Now she is asked to commit the worst offense…lie.

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"Weeks before the project was completed, the so-called honorable comrade skipped the island with her parents’ money. The blunder remained, a glaring symbol of Rodrigo’s deceit and Papá’s misjudgment. "


Tropical Christmas

Jenny’s plans for her Christmas Cruise go awry. She takes a bold step with unexpected consequences.

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"I progressed through the check-in process, full of excitement. I’d done it. I was going solo on my first cruise. I rushed up the boarding ramp, entered the bustling main deck of the ship, and panic set in."


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